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Built-in/ Free Standing Dishwashers

KAFF is committed to offer the highest quality kitchen appliances including the dishwashers. Both built-in and free standing dishwashers consume less water and electricity and are known to give perfectly clean wash every time. Besides being low in noise, the dishes gets completely sterilized and dried, which are ready to use.


Both Free Standing and Built-in dishwashers from Kaff range have incredible features and technology. Every wash cycle in a dishwasher uses high temperature boiling water, which kills all the germs and bacteria ensuring perfect hygienic wash every time. Not only this the hot air dries the utensils completely making them ready to use without any need to wipe it. Kaff dishwashers are A + rated energy efficient. Dishwashers are one of the most helpful appliances for every kitchen, especially Indian Kitchens where grease, oil and masala gets stick to the cooking utensils. It saves time and stress of washing utensils. Kaff dishwashers enhances the look of kitchen, while giving stress free dish washing.